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Natasha Chalker Photography bio picture

Hey There!

I'm Natasha - Wife, mom, camera artist and kindergarten teacher located down south in Enterprise, Alabama. Documenting the life of your children and family is something I am very passionate about. Finding the right photographer is a huge commitment so if you like what you see, consider giving me a call at 334.303.8006 or email me at  I can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have, no pressure, I promise! 

(All images and text copyrighted to Natasha Chalker 2005-2013. It is illegal to scan, copy, right click-save as any images and/or plagiarize wording on my blog or website)

Photo © Nikki P Photography 

 Love the Life You Live

New baby boy | Enterprise Alabama Newborn Photographer

Gosh, so much sweetness in this little guy. Again, another in-home newborn photography session. I love being able to incorporate details from his home to make this session unique. This wall was AWESOME – so much texture!

Precious brother and sister shot <3 LOVE these <3

Even though it was little brother’s big debut I grabbed a few shots of big sister since siblings often feel left out when a new baby comes. She was so happy to have her photos taken too. :)  Can you tell?

My sweet niece | Enterprise Alabama Newborn Photographer

I’ve said so many times I have THE most adorable nieces and nephews. This little miss was born back in October, on what would have been her great Grandma’s birthday. We know Grandma would have LOVED sweet Kalli, just as she loved all her grand and great grandbabies.


In her Mama’s hands


Kalli’s feet in Nana’s hands

Kalli has the sweetest little profile, don’t you think?

A 20×20 collage of squishy sweet images of Kalli

This is another example of an in-home photography session. This means I come to you with all of my props, gear, and equipment. You get to stay home and relax, put your feet up, enjoy a cup of coffee, take a nap. :)

Spring Mini-Sessions | Enterprise Alabama Photographer

Natasha Chalker Photography introduces Spring Mini Sessions with Rex the bunny

Feb 23, March 2, 3

$50, 3 digital images, print release, up to two children. $10 for each additional child.

Contact Natasha 334-303-8006 or for more info. These will fill up fast so don’t wait to book yours!


Lessons learned | Enterprise, Alabama Photographer

Last summer a sweet friend asked if I would photograph a young woman battling leukemia. Amanda wanted photos before she lost her hair due to grueling chemotherapy treatments. When I met her, I was instantly taken with her strong, determined spirit and love for her family – a husband and two young children. She encountered many  ups and downs over the last several months but her family was elated to discover doctors had found a bone marrow match! In fact, just two weeks ago Amanda’s church held a bone marrow donor drive through Be The Match, in her honor. Sadly, Amanda lost her fight yesterday and my heart has been so heavy for the precious family she left behind. She was only thirty years old. Just too young.

From this courageous young woman I learned many things. Here are two very important ones worth mentioning:

1. become a bone marrow donor! Seriously, it is a very simple to sign up, and if you are matched, a very easy procedure to undergo. Check it out here Be the Match and consider doing so today!

2. don’t wait to have photos made with your children. Personally,  I am the photographer that has so very little pictures with my own children. I need to work on that, for my children’s sake, because one day I will no longer be here and photos will be all they have.

Please keep Amanda’s family in your prayers and hold your loved ones close.


February 13, 2013 - 12:15 pm Pat johnson - natasha, This gift of yourself will be the greatest gift jon, Asher and Livy will have received. Amanda is smiling and playful just like always. Unfortunately because Alivia is not even 3 yet, these will be her memories and you captured her perfectly. i have said before you are an amazing young woman with an incredible talent. thank you for sharing it with the McMillans. you are such a gift to all of us lucky enough to share your life. thank you again Pat

To be continued for 2013 | Enterprise Alabama Photographer

Is 2012 really coming to an end? The last 6 months have flown by since we started fund raising for our adoption. I have been busy raising funds by doing free photography sessions in exchange for donations. We have accrued over $6,000 so far, not to include other fundraising projects. Just amazing! I’ve often said I feel like I’m living Proverbs 16:3 – Put God in charge of your work and then what you’ve planned will take place. I recently started thinking about the reasons God chose me to be a photographer. My full time career is a kindergarten teacher which I love and find very rewarding. Photography is just a part-time gig for me. I started my business 6 years ago as a hobby and then found it a way to make extra money while doing something that I love. Charity work with Operation Love Reunited, Celebrating Adoption/Red Thread Sessions and The FILM Project, help to fill in the gaps and provide a way for me to give back to our community.  …Back to why God created me to be a photographer… it wasn’t to make tons of money, not that there’s anything at all wrong with that. But I’ve discovered he wants me to do more with this talent than just make money. For 2013, I will continue the free photography sessions for donations. In fact, my entire pricing will change for 2013 to reflect this. I will also be working with Cole Crook and Artists and Orphans to help other families bring their orphans home. An “Artists and Orphans Mini Session” will be exactly like the other mini sessions I will offer except every penny will go towards another family working to bring their orphan home. I plan to do two of these per month starting January 2013 so keep an eye out for that!

Details for 2013 Mini Sessions :: I’ve found it very hard to do a mini session and ONLY offer 8 digital images. I’m sure anyone that has booked a mini session with me can attest to receiving far more than 8 images. So, with that in mind, sessions will last 20 minutes, studio or outdoors, cover up to 5 people, no clothing changes, and your cd will include 14 full resolution images plus a monthly surprise (custom designed storyboard files, digital cards  or other goodies). $10 for each additional person. For newborns, add $50 for an extra 30 minutes. For more clothing changes, add $50 for extra images. Don’t forget your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE and you’re helping a family reach their adoption goal!  p.s. No full sessions offered – the minis should cover anything needed, just add extras if you want more and you’re set!

The flexibility of  digital images is very appealing to nearly every client I’ve encountered. They are able to print as many copies of their images as their little hearts desire in whatever sizes they wish. They can order their very own canvases, design their cards and/or announcements or take advantage of Mpix and order tons of amazing products. My clients don’t have to feel pressured into ordering more or spending a set amount of money. Plus, an edited CD can be in your hands in a matter of days, making the entire process so very quick!

With all this having been said, I hope your Christmas and New Year are filled with too many blessings to count. Thanks for choosing me to document your life. <3 Natasha

December 13, 2012 - 12:23 pm Susie Koagel - You are truly an inspiration and and example to us who uses God given talents to perform good deeds. I know your work through education and photography have touched many lives to include ours. Thank you! Looking forward to perhaps another session in 2013.

Of course I have the prettiest nieces | Enterprise Alabama Newborn Photographer

My sweet niece Ellie was born in August. Isn’t she precious? I love having the flexibility of being an on location photographer! I bring all of my props and equipment to you! Ellie’s mom was still in the shower when I arrived which meant she didn’t have to worry about packing up the baby to get her out. I came to her. I set it all up. Mom got to shower, eat, and rest {kinda} all in the comfort of her own home. I’m here to HELP parents get the best photos and best, most convienent  custom photography experience. :) Now for the good stuff – the pictures:

Enterprise AL newborn photography

Her cutie room! So colorful and girly, too!

Enterprise Alabama Baby Photographer

Enterprise Alabama newborn photographer

Enterprise Alabama Photographer for newborns

Enterprise Alabama Photography

Newborn photographer

Of course, where would I be without my own personal assistant?

Newborn photographer Enterprise Alabama

Here he is with his Daddy… Of course I don’t mind snapping a few extra shots at a newborn session. I even got Mark to smile!

Alabama Family Photographer

Every custom photography session receives a custom designed storyboard proof. This is Ellie’s. <3

Alabama Newborn Photographer

Seriously? | Enterprise Alabama Children’s Photographer

I could not get over how adorable this guy is and how lucky I am that I get to document his first year!

I’ve watched his big brother grow up and you can see his sessions here - newborn | five months | ten months | one year

I haven’t blogged any of Lucas’ sessions but here are a few from his newborn session. Ready, set, say Awwwwwww

Enterprise Alabama Newborn Photography


Enterprise Alabama Newborn Photographer


Enterprise Alabama Children's Photographer

And his Mom ordered this custom designed storyboard, but in black and white to match the one I did for big brother a few years ago.

Enterprise Alabama Photographer

Then I saw Lucas again when he was about 4 months old… How did he get even cuter??

Enterprise Alabama Baby Photographer

Enterprise Alabama Child Photographer

Mom ordered this sweet 20×10 custom designed storyboard. I just love all these expressions!

Enterprise Alabama Photographer

His latest session took place last month. I had the same blue car that we used for big brother’s session a few years back when he was almost the same exact age.

Alabama Baby Photographer

Enterprise Alabama Baby Photography

Just precious. LOVE this smile, and little toofers popping in!

Alabama Children's Photographer

I’m looking forward to his ONE YEAR shoot coming up real soon!



Bouncing Baby Boy | Enterprise Alabama Newborn Photographer

Being part “on location” photographer means I get to take my studio with me! When Christie inquired about a newborn and family session, I was very excited to do this for her because it meant I could pack up most of my studio items and set up right at her house. Very convenient for new Mamas – and that’s just what we did. Since Jacob’s mom recently placed her order and I was thrilled to blog her session.

A few sweet, family shots first. As you can tell there is A LOT of love in this family!

Enterprise Alabama Family Photographer



Alabama Family Photographer

Who can resist newborn baby feet… look at how he curled his toes around the blocks. No posing needed.

Enterprise Alabama Newborn Photographer

Mom wanted to try the sleepy baby on the open Bible shot. Jacob was not having it … so a variation of this is what we got. I stil love it so!  {AMEN}

Enterprise Alabama Newborn Photography

Now this guy did not want to sleep for us until the very end. I was determined to get some sleepy shots and we waited for it. Totally worth it for the shots we got at the end. Priceless!

Alabama Newborn Photographer

This sweet shot with Daddy’s dog tags (blurred out for privacy) LOVE IT! <3

Enterprise Alabama newborn photographer jf

Custom designed 20×10 storyboard option – I create one for each and every session.

Newness | Enterprise Alabama Newborn Photographer

Recently someone referred to some of my work on my blog and I was so embarrassed. I have not kept it updated with photos like I should.  :( I’m going to try to do better at blogging once a session is completed and the order has been finalized…. Jumping back in full force with a newborn session I completed recently. Mom shared with me that Dad was deploying in a few weeks and I quickly shared with her about my work with Operation Love Reunited. OpLove provides TWO FREE photography sessions for deploying service members and their families (usually one pre and post deployment session). I also provide a disk of images for both parents to treasure while their loved one is away. So while I get to watch this sweet baby girl grow up as a new baby planner, I also get to capture her family when they’re reunited in one year. If you know someone deploying, please have them contact me for a complimentary session!

Now on to the newness… This sweet baby girl is loved by her two cousins, as you can see here! They were so very proud of her. I just love it!

Enterprise Alabama Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer Enterprise Alabama

Natasha Chalker Photography

Custom designed 20×10 storyboard

Alabama Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer Enterprise AL

A few shots from their OpLove session. THANK YOU David for your service to our country!

Operation Love Reunited

Tiffany, your order should be in this week – unless Hurricane Isaac causes a delay…

Aloha! | O’ahu Children’s Photographer

Our plans to vacation in O’ahu began in late winter. My husband, Scott, had just finished radiation treatments for lymph node cancer. We wanted to celebrate Scott being cancer free after 6 months of surgeries, healing, and then radiation and more healing. We were looking at hotels and resorts and I texted my friend, Allison, who lives in O’ahu to ask where she recommended staying. She gave me a few suggestions but also offered her home and her husband’s car. You see her husband, Alex, is serving our country in Afghanistan. The last thing I wanted to do was invade her home with my wacky family but Allison insisted. She said our company would  help the deployment process go by a little quicker. Seriously? Friends like this exist? We made plans to stay with Allison’s family and we also spent a few nights in Waikiki before we departed. Part of the “deal” in staying with Allison was I would take pictures of her beautiful children. I think I was most excited about that. Quite often I get bored with the same locations here in Alabama so having a totally new, absolutely gorgeous location spot to work in was amazing! Not to mention the RAINBOW and SEATURTLE made it even more amazing. I barely noticed the rain.


Allison took us to “her” Turtle Beach which did have a sea turtle, sleeping away, right on the beach. We were able to get really close but not close enough to disturb her. This actually ended up being a great spot for photos. It wasn’t crowded with people, just us and the sleepy sea turtle, plus a tiny wedding out of sight. Perfect! In nearly every shot below, you can see the sea turtle. What a photo hog!

Sweet Isabella was amazed at the sea turtle. LOVE this face!

Some other random fun-ness with the Tatoms


I took all of our vacation photos with my Iphone, easier than worrying about sand in my DSLR plus it’s handy and takes decent photos. Besides, I’m less about perfection and more about capturing the moment when it comes to my own family. :)


Lanikai Beach – perfect breezy day, 80 degrees, almost too chilly for us accustomed to the heat and humidity of Alabama. Rated one of the top beaches in the world! Don’t think I could argue with that. It was gorgeous!

View from Nu‘uanu Pali Lookout – amazingggg!

Horseback riding at Kualoa Ranch. Beautiful place with gentle horses.

Mountain range at Kualoa Ranch. The guide said when it rains the ridges in the mountains create waterfalls. During one rainy season he saw 15 waterfalls. Wow!

Waterfall at Waimea Valley, the kids swam in the falls and loved it!

Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona, the highlight of my kids’ trip!

Kaena Point Hike

Kaena Point Hike, Katie and Braden, so thrilled (ha!)

Another Hawaiian rainbow, at Paradise Cove Luau

A day snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, incredible!

This was my second trip to O’ahu and Lanai Lookout is my favorite place! So rugged and untouched, breathtakingly beautiful.

Lanai Lookout

The view from Diamond Head crater, worth the hike! The kids weren’t so thrilled to have to climb almost 200 steps… it was funny to hear them complain most of the way up there and then once they saw the view, they were awestruck.

We so enjoyed our ten days in O’ahu and look forward to visiting another island of Hawaii in the near future!


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