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Hey There!

I'm Natasha - Wife, mom, camera artist and kindergarten teacher located down south in Enterprise, Alabama. Documenting the life of your children and family is something I am very passionate about. Finding the right photographer is a huge commitment so if you like what you see, consider giving me a call at 334.303.8006 or email me at  I can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have, no pressure, I promise! 

(All images and text copyrighted to Natasha Chalker 2005-2013. It is illegal to scan, copy, right click-save as any images and/or plagiarize wording on my blog or website)

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 Love the Life You Live

Monthly Archives: December 2010

Selfishness | Enterprise Alabama Photographer

The root of selfishness is sin, and sin is separation from God. To be selfishness means a person puts his/her needs above anyone else’s. When Natasha is not considerate of her actions, thoughts, or words, that is selfishness. When Natasha pouts because she doesn’t get her way, or when she attempts to guilt others into...

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13 years later, still miss him | Enterprise Alabama Photographer

Today marks the day my brother went to heaven 13 years ago. In some ways it seems like it was just yesterday, yet at other moments it seems like it was decades ago. Either way I miss him, we all miss him. {us, sporting matching jumpers, 1981} {me+brother+sister, 1982} {the Netherlands, aka Holland, 1990} {with...

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cute christmas t-shirt idea | Enterprise Alabama Photographer

Let me preface this by saying I am not a crafty person. I don’t scrapbook, make cutesy cards by hand, or paint murals on my kids’ walls. I’d love to but I’m afraid it would come out all wrong and since I’m a detail oriented person, I’d just make myself crazy attempting to do so....

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is it cold enough yet? | Enterprise Alabama Children’s Photographer

Brrrrrrrrrrr.Rrrrr.Rrrrrrr. Goodness, what a cold snap we’re having right now. I AM NOT a fan of winter – the dry skin, cold air, chapped lips, cold air, having to wear layers of clothing, cold air, constantly being C O L D … none of it is enjoyable to me. The holidays are always a fun...

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Together, we make a family | Enterprise Alabama Photographer

And dogs just complete the family, right?

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